Oil recycling: another step toward sustainability

Lubricants, at the cutting-edge of the circular economy

The circular economy is essential to achieving our goal of becoming a net zero emissions company by 2050. That's why Repsol Lubricants has worked to become a trailblazer applying the principles of the circular economy to our oils. 

We are transforming used oils into new raw materials and base oils to manufacture new lubricants with the same functionalities and quality as traditional oils. 

With this practice we are able to reduce the amount of virgin fossil-fuel-based raw materials used as well as extend the useful life of the oils used.

The result is an extensive product portfolio that reduces our environmental footprint and reinforces our commitment to sustainability as well as our customers’. 


Reduce, reuse, recycle: Repsol

The application of the circular economy in our production chain results in more than top-quality products: 

  • Waste conversion: we regenerate waste and convert it into raw material. 
  • Support for the circular economy: according to the guidelines of the European Commission and the government of Spain. 
  • CO2 reduction: we reduce our environmental footprint when we reduce the CO2 emit. 

Repsol applies the circular economy to all countries where we operate and throughout our value chain, both in raw material procurement and in the sale of our products and services. A great strategy born in 2016 that has rendered these results: 

  • >270 circular initiatives developed by our businesses and the Repsol Technology Lab.
  • >220 strategic partners throughout the value chain
  • >150 circular projects carried out with strategic partners. 

All backed by our AENOR (Spanish Association of Standardization and Certification) Circular Economy Corporate Strategy Certification.


Used oil and bottle management

We have been managing used oils and their bottles for years as part of our circular economy strategy. We call this “waste” management the reverse logistics system, through which we give new life to these products, use fewer and fewer resources from the planet, and reduce our impact on the environment. 

  • We took on the role of chair of SIGASUS (Comprehensive Used Oil Management System), the organization responsible for collecting and treating used oil from both industrial and vehicle use. 
  • We are actively participating in the Ecoembes Comprehensive Management System (SIG), which does selective pick up and recovery of packaging waste for subsequent treatment, recycling, or enhancement. We give new life to the bottles we use to store our lubricants and make increasingly more sustainable bottles, reducing the amount of waste they generate and facilitating later recycling.