Safety and Environment Awards for Repsol Lubricants' new containers

Safety and Environment Awards for Repsol Lubricants' new containers
28 May 2024

Repsol Lubricants has received a double award at the 15th edition of the Safety and Environment Awards of the company's Executive Managing Division of the Client. Out of 23 initiatives presented, four were chosen, one of which was the development and implementation of the Reciclex and BagInBox lubricant containers, which contribute to the company's goal of circular economy and emissions reduction, presented by the Lubricants Operations team.

Collaboration with the Chemicals business has been key to the implementation of Reciclex in 1-, 4-, and 5-liter lubricant containers. These containers are produced with different types of post-consumer plastic waste incorporated into virgin polymers through technologies that allow them to maintain the same performance and characteristics as the polymers without recycled material. 

As a result, Reciclex containers contain 60% recycled plastic, which reduces the carbon footprint by 25% compared to previous containers. In this way, they contribute to the circular economy and the development of sustainability in the lubricants sector without compromising quality standards. In addition, they are available in five colors for the different product ranges, including engine and transmission oils for cars, motorcycles, and heavy-duty vehicles.

On the other hand, Bag In Box is the new sustainable 20-liter container. Repsol Lubricants has launched it for 10 references of its car and motorcycle products. This container, consisting of a 100% recyclable bag and box together with a practical tap, allows efficient dispensing and makes the most of every last drop of the product.

One of its advantages is that both the bag and the box are easily separated to allow immediate recycling of the parts, reducing the volume of waste by around 85% compared to plastic drums of the same capacity. Among the products available in this new format are the high-quality Master, Elite, and Leader ranges for cars, as well as the Smarter range for motorcycles. 

These initiatives are an integral part of the circular economy strategy adopted by Repsol in 2016. Thus, both Reciclex and BagInBox also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, thus supporting Repsol's commitment to the goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Let's go for a sustainable future!