Everything you need to know about ATF oil

Everything you need to know about ATF oil
09 January 2024

Automatic transmissions are becoming more and more complex and demanding, and are one of the most complicated mechanical components of a vehicle. That's why ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) oil is an essential component in ensuring that power is transfered correctly from the engine to the wheels.  

Having an in-depth understanding of this type of oil is essential in providing quality maintenance. So here is a guide that covers everything you need to know about this lubricating oil. 

What is ATF oil?

As we already mentioned, ATF oil is designed to lubricate automatic transmissions, ensuring the highest operation, performance, and protection, as well as functions such as power transfer, cleaning, and cooling. 

It's a hydraulic fluid that plays a crucial role. In this sense, it functions as an anti-wear agent and a corrosion inhibitor. ATF also precisely controls friction in clutches throughout the oil change, which is considered one of its most significant aspects.  

ATF oil qualities

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, ATF lubricating oil is characterized by the following qualities:

  • It guarantees silent, fluid, and efficient automatic gearbox operation.
  • It allows for smooth gear changes due to friction stability.
  • It's an got very good resistance to oxidation and thermal stability.
  • It has excellent fluidity at low temperatures, which ensures smooth gear changes in severe weather conditions. 
  • It reduces fuel consumption, offering greater savings. 

Types of ATF oil

There are three main types of automatic transmission: dual-clutch transmission, continuously-variable transmission, and step-type transmission. Each one is designed with specific properties and therefore requires a specific lubricating oil to suit its needs and meet the unique demands of certain car manufacturers and models. Here are some common types of ATF oil:

  • Synthetic lubricant for DCT or DSG automatic transmissions.

It provides faster and smoother gear shifting and helps reduce fuel consumption. This oil has been designed for to be applied in transmissions of all major light vehicle manufacturers.


  • Synthetic lubricant for CVT automatic transmissions.

Suitable for both belt and chain drive transmissions and is recommended mainly for Asian vehicles.


  • Synthetic lubricant for commercial vehicles and buses.

Works for vehicles with long periods between changes or in severe weather conditions.


  • Synthetic lubricant for light vehicles, commercial vehicles, and public works machinery 

Long-lasting fluid specially designed to meet the most demanding requirements of heavy vehicle automatic gearboxes.


Ultimately, choosing the right type of ATF oil, according to the manufacturer's specifications, transmission type, and usage conditions, is essential in maintaining optimum performance and prolonging the automatic transmission's useful life.