Types of lubricants for electric vehicles 

ev fluids


EV-Fluids range for electric vehicles 

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common, reducing the impact on the environment and solidifying themselves as the future of the automotive industry. This type of vehicle uses fluids and greases for its engines, batteries, inverters, transmissions, etc., which must comply with special characteristics.

Repsol offers a wide range of lubricants EV-Fluids for electric vehicles and motorcycles that meet the growing demand of users for sustainable mobility.

This range was formulated by the Technical Assistance and Development team together with the Repsol Technology Lab research center, achieving ideal solutions for electric vehicles, and ensuring compatibility with new materials.

The resulting fluids are able to achieve outstanding cooling of the batteries, whose charging efficiency depends on temperature control, and optimize the performance of other vehicle components, such as the electric motor or the transmission and optimum braking system response.


Our products

The full range EV-Fluids incorporates all the features and products that an electric car may require, and is made up of five specific components. Below is a summary of each.

We begin with EV-Fluids Coolant Antifreeze 50%, a coolant with excellent heat dissipation and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Particularly suitable for indirect cooling of electric vehicle components that require good temperature control to optimize their performance.

Secondly, we have  EV-Fluids Brake Fluid DOT 5.1, a fluid developed for the hydraulic brakes of vehicles equipped with vehicle control and driver assistance systems, such as ABS, ESP, and ADAS. It is particularly suitable due to its high boiling points (dry and wet), low viscosity, lower conductivity, and wide range of applicability by meeting various specifications (DOT 5.1, DOT 4LV, DOT 4, and DOT 3).

Next is  EV-Fluids Complex Synth Grease, a long-lasting synthetic grease recommended for lubricating bearings, electric motors, and other components, with the lubricating and conductive properties to provide excellent protection and optimum performance.

EV-Fluids Drive ATF is a low-viscosity lubricant for the automatic transmission of electric vehicles, designed to protect reductor gears and bearings against wear and corrosion, with improved oxidation stability and excellent dielectric properties.

And finally,  EV-Fluids Battery Thermal Fluid, is a biodegradable dielectric fluid offering excellent heat dissipation and high resistance to oxidation, particularly suited to direct cooling (immersion) of components, such as batteries, electric motors, or inverters that require good temperature control to optimize their performance.


Repsol at the service of electric mobility

At Repsol, we have been promoting electric mobility for over ten years now, and spreading the word about the advantages of this type of vehicle, with 100% renewable electricity solutions, installation of recharging points, and discounts and savings opportunities for drivers. 

And all this, in addition to other initiatives and collaboration agreements with different entities and companies, aimed at promoting electric vehicles: clean energy with no polluting gas emissions.

All within the framework of our company's goal, highlights include our sponsorship of the 2022 Madrid Eco Rallye or the agreement reached with Nissan to expand its recharging network, with over 300 public-access points that join the terminals already installed in the private sector, homes, and companies throughout Spain.


Lubricants developed to minimize the environmental impact  

Our main goal is to become a net zero emissions company by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement objectives. To achieve this goal, our Company has laid out a demanding roadmap with ambitious emissions previously included in the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan and updated in the Repsol ESG Day. One of the most important players in making this happen is our Repsol Technology Lab lubricants laboratory, which focuses on obtaining sustainably developed products.

  • We manufacture lubricating oils with increasingly lower viscosities that contribute to lower engine fuel consumption.
  • Including high-quality additives that contribute to a higher component  wear resistance resulting in the final products having a longer life.
  • We reduce the use of raw materials and the generation of hazardous waste.
  • We are actively researching new formulas to reduce vehicle emissions.
  • We incorporate biodegradable products in our portfolio, with the aim of reducing the impact on our planet.