Characteristics of Repsol products

Repsol lubricants range

Characteristics of Repsol lubricants

Repsol always adapts to meet the needs of its customers and so it has made changes to various aspects of its range of products. 

The aim is to offer customers the perfect product with the greatest ease possible. This means changing the presentation, categorization, quality, and sustainability of the product. 

To do so, Repsol has:

  • Reinvented its containers and caps to offer a design that maximizes their use and functionality.
  • Created a new way of  categorizing its ranges according to their use and sector, in addition to reducing the number of ranges in order to increase the accessibility of product information.
  • Because of the technology developed in the Repsol Technology Lab, its products and packaging are moving ever closer to 0% emissions by 2050.


Benefits of the new Repsol packaging 

The design of the Repsol containers and caps has three basic aims: 

  1. A design that increases their functionality and fits into the storage spaces at points of sale and during transportation. 
  2. Labeling that provides complete, intuitive, andeasy to understand technical information with new labels and seals. 
  3. More sustainable packaging, made from recycled materials to contribute to sustainability. 

The packaging is guaranteed to be waterproof and optimizes storage space at points of sale and during transportation, so that its design is intended to be more efficient and convenient to store. 

This is a lighter, more ergonomic line, making it easier to use and hold, and all caps have been standardized for greater efficiency when pouring the oil, preventing any loss due to splashing with the implementation of a pouring spout, which replaces the use of a funnel.

In addition, the implementation of different formats, from large sizes to one liter containers, makes the filling/leveling operation easier.  

The design process for the containers also included the labels.  Classifying the product range by color: Blue for synthetic; yellow for semi-synthetic; and red for mineral. In addition, seals and icons have been added with technical information on the properties of each product, so that the characteristics can be quickly recognized at the moment of purchase, and the benefits and distinctive properties of each product. 

To align with the 0 emissions target, all containers are more sustainable, as they are made from recycled materials with the minimum use of plastic, reducing CO2 emissions.


Lubricants for every segment:

We have reduced the number of ranges of lubricants to simplify finding information on the different products that exist. This reorganization is based on their use in each of the sectors of which Repsol forms part. 

There are several usage sectors, with 2 to 3 ranges per sector: motorcycles, cars, maritime, industry, public works, nautical, agricultural, trucks and buses.  Within these sectors, there are special lubricating oil catalogs for each of their needs and distinctions are made between lubricants for the mining or food industry, etc.


Repsol Lubricants and Sustainability

The ultimate goal of Repsol is to offer top-quality products while meeting its commitment to the environment, so that, the more they evolve technologically, thanks to the advances made by the Repsol Technology Lab, the less impact its products will have on the environment

To continue leading the energy transition, Repsol’s goal is to: foster decarbonization, based on improved efficiency, renewable generation, products with a low, neutral, or even negative carbon footprint, the circular economy, and industrial innovation.

One of these examples is sustainable, ergonomic packaging made using plastic waste and virgin resins for materials with the same quality, consistency, and functionality. These containers contain 10% less plastic, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, among other advantages.  

The lubricants are also designed to offer the greatest possible efficiency while guaranteeing less environmental impact, by providing, among others, biodegradable products and lubricants that offer greater fuel savings than a traditional lubricant.


Accessibility for the Repsol lubricant sales network

To meet the needs of its customers in the lubricants sector, Repsol now has better communications with them on its lubricants portal, on which, in addition to all possible information, it is possible to contact the nearest oil distributors using the geolocation map.

Constantly expanding and in contact with its customers, Repsol has 113 distributors around the world, and 18 distributors in Spain with more than 55 distribution points.